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Summer 2017 Survey Results Summary

A pre and post retrospective study on knowledge about and attitudes towards business was undertaken adapting a questionnaire developed by BRAC for a women's entrepreneurship program in Africa. All post responses as compared to pre responses showed improvements of at least 20%. Most notable improvements were in the girls' confidence in their ability to manage a business (20% to 80% in Zanzibar, 58% to 100% in Kangemi), getting work done by managing people who are hired (20% to 40% in Zanzibar, 16% to 92% Kangemi), and saving money (92% to 100% in Zanzibar, 60% to 100% Kangemi). In their responses to the reasons for saving money, the majority of girls (over 80%) stated that they saved money now in order to start a business whereas previously it was for personal use and emergencies. Interestingly 20% or fewer girls stated in post responses that they should not work outside the home if they got married or had children. While the sample size was small and the results not statistically significant, they demonstrated clear trends in attitudes towards work and business.

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